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Why My Toilet Won’t Flush? Answered by Orange County Plumbing

Feb 6

Toilet Flush Issue Discussed by Orange County Plumbing

Too Much Slack Lift Chain

If you push down the lift chain handle and feel no resistance, the tanks inside the lift chain are probably connected to the flapper, and they don’t release any water. It has perhaps shifted, resulting in too much slack on the chain. The easy solution (by Orange County Plumbing) is to shorten the lift chain’s length and remove the tank lid until there is no longer slack between the handle and the flapper.

Clogged Toilet

If someone uses too much toilet paper in your family or drops a heavy item in the toilet like a toy, it could cause clogging in the bathroom. Moreover, the toilet is caused by the flushed sanitary product, material, or other things. After flashing all these items, the almost inevitable part is clogging in the bathroom.

The plumber in orange county plumbing can help you find the solution to this problem. First, the key is maybe you can fish out items like sanitary materials or toys on the surface. So, try to plunge the clog in the toilet or clear it using a toilet brush.

Low Water Level

The toilet fails to flush when the water bowl doesn’t have enough water. The misadjusted float toilet ball may be causing this problem. The misadjusted ball signals to your toilet that there is a lack of water to flush the toilet properly.

According to Orange County Plumbing, the solution to this drain cleaning or toilet cleaning issue is to lift open the lid of your tank. The float ball should float 1-2 inches below the tube and fill the valve’s overflow. Also, there may be a line etched into the porcelain, indicating the level at which the float ball should stay. However, you need to adjust the floating ball to remain at that level.

Warped Flapper

If you often notice your flush toilet is running, maybe the flapper in your bathroom is wrapped. The flapper and lift chain is connected. When you press the toilet handle, it opens. Over time, you can warp or bend the rubber flapper. But it makes it unable to seal the hole of the flush tube and release water for toilet flushing. Drain cleaning and toilet cleaning are two different tasks, but you will face the same clogging issue in solving this problem.

However, the solution to this issue is to purchase a new flapper from the home improvement and hardware store. A new flapper is very easy to find, and these are inexpensive. Now, turn off the main switch of your water, drain the tank of your toilet. They use a new flapper to replace the wrapped flapper. So, turn on your water back and try to flush the bathroom again.

Drain Line or Sewer Problem

If you are done with trying all the above solutions and fixes, and still your toilet is not flushing, probably time to call orange county plumbing to handle the issue. The plumber in orange county can help you improve your sewer and plumbing system for significant backups. The clogged drains are a giant sign that you have a sewer system or drain line issue throughout your home. Contact the expert to get rid of this problem.


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