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5 Simple Methods for Detecting Hidden Water Leaks in Your Home

Mar 7

5 Simple Methods for Detecting Hidden Water Leaks in Your Home

Common sense dictates that you inspect your house for obvious symptoms of water leakage. As well as inspecting the backs of cupboards and behind sinks for dampness, mildew, or musty odors; nobody wants that in their home!


If your property is more than 25 years old, you should pay special attention to your plumbing in Peoria AZ. Examine all connections, including those to water heaters, pumps, valves, and hoses, as well as those to washing machines. If you see oxidation or discoloration on plumbing components, it is possible that you have a leak.


Keep a Close Eye on Your Water Bill

What are you saying? Why is our water bill so high this month yet again? When you pay close attention to your water bill, you may see a message between the lines indicating that water leak repair is imminent. That unspoken message is conveyed when your water bill continues to rise despite the fact that your water use habits remain unchanged. If your water bill continues to rise, it is a strong indication that there is a problem with your water system. You may be required to repair a leak.

Evaluate Your Water Meter


Using your water meter is an efficient approach to check for water leaks. To check for water leaks using your water meter:


Turn off the water supply to your entire home. Ascertain that all taps are turned off and that the dishwasher and washer are not in use.
Keep an eye out for changes in the water meter. If it does, the likelihood is that you have a fast-moving leak.
If the water meter does not change after two hours, wait another two hours and check it. If the water has stayed off and the meter has been changed, you are most likely dealing with a slower water leak.
When it's time to fix a water leak, your water meter will alert you. Homeowners are liable for repairing water leaks that occur after the meter, even if the leaks occur underground.




Examine Your Water Consumption

Examine your water use. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, an average household of four should consume no more than 12,000 gallons of water each month. If you are losing more water than is normal for your family, you will need to fix a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.

Consider the Toilet Dye Test.

Your toilets should be inspected to ensure optimal operation. When a water leak is occurring, you can flush away a big volume of water. Toilets, on average, consume up to 30% of your entire water consumption. To discover water leaks, use the toilet dye test. It's simple. Simply take some food coloring and sprinkle a few drops into the toilet tank. After that, wait ten minutes. If color is discovered in the bowl after the ten-minute waiting period, water leak repairs will be required. This indicates that water is seeping from the tank to the drain without the toilet being flushed.

Examine Your Outdoor Faucet for Leaks

Bear in mind the outside spigots; is the external faucet leaking?


External spigots may be inspected by connecting a garden hose, turning on the water, and checking for leaks. Replace the rubber hose gasket if water seeps through the connection when the water is switched on.


Those of you with irrigation systems should also inspect them.


Even a modest irrigation system leak can waste up to 6,300 gallons of water each month. Ouch! Irrigation systems should be inspected annually by a skilled plumber for concealed water leaks.


When you detect a water leak of any sort, contact a licensed plumber immediately. The sooner you repair a water leak, the better. Small water leaks today may grow into larger leaks tomorrow, resulting in higher repair costs and greater property damage.


If You Discover That You Have a Water Leak, Contact Peoria Plumbers!

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