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Water Heater Replacement Company O’Fallon

Mar 29

Water heater maintenance is essential to keeping your O’Fallon, MO home comfortable and running efficiently. Whether your need is necessary maintenance, repairs, replacement, or extended warranties, there are professional service O’Fallon, providers in the area capable of providing reliable service. Knowing the benefits of each service, combined with a few simple DIY maintenance tips, is the best way to ensure your water heater stays efficient and reliable for months and years to come.

Step-by-Step Guide for Replacing Your Water Heater

Once you’ve decided on the type of Water Heater Service O’Fallon that best suits your needs, you’re ready to begin the replacement process. Here is a step-by-step guide for replacing your current water heater:

  1. Shut off all power to the water heater – Before you begin the Water Heater Replacement O’Fallon, you’ll need to shut off any electricity or natural gas powering the water heater.
  2. Drain the tank – Before removing the water heater from your home, you’ll need to drain the tank. To do this, attach a hose to the drain valve and run it outside or over a bucket until all the water has been exhausted.
  3. Remove the old water heater – Once the tank has been drained, you can remove the old water heater. Disconnect the power, water, and gas lines and lift the water heater from its location.
  4. Prepare the new water heater – You must prepare it before installing it in your home. Connect the power, water, and gas lines to the water heater and any other necessary components.
  5. Set the water heater in place – Next, lower the new water heater into its intended location and ensure it’s properly aligned with the surrounding walls.
  6. Secure the water heater in place – Once it is in place, you’ll need to secure it to the walls. Again, use strapping or other materials to ensure the water heater isn’t wobbling.
  7. Test the new water heater – Finally, turn on the power, water, and gas to the new water heater and test it to ensure it functions correctly.

Hiring a Professional

Hire a professional if you’re uncomfortable with replacing your current Water Heater Service O’Fallon, hire a professional. O’Fallon is full of qualified professionals with the experience and expertise to correctly return your water heater and ensure it’s perfectly set up in your home. Before hiring a professional, read reviews and ask plenty of questions.


You have the confidence to handle the Water Heater Replacement O’Fallon on your own. e still feeling uneasy, you should consider hiring a professional to ensure the job is done correctly.

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